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Ogel's suit dilemma by AlphaGirl404
Ogel's suit dilemma
So Ogel's suit is damage and has go through a long period of time without it. This is his reaction to it.
Ogel's bedroom by AlphaGirl404
Ogel's bedroom
Behold! The mighty Lord Ogel's evil bedroom.

Though it seems our favorite bad guy seems to talk in his sleep and has some interesting dreams:P
Alpha Team: Super Bowl 50 by AlphaGirl404
Alpha Team: Super Bowl 50
Happy Super Bowl day everyone!....Even though I hate football.

Here we have Dash and friends watching the event on their tv. Hope their shenanigans don;t get in the way.

Oh incase you didn't notice, yes I gave Lisa her old head back. 
So with Season 6 of Ninjago episodes being released online, I thought I should tell you guys how I feel about them. But instead of talking about them in depth and paragraphs, I'm gonna use clips from The Nostalgia Critic about my thoughts in a nutshell and explain a bit why I think that. Lets begin.

Thoughts on Pilots, Season 1 and 2.

They were good episodes in those times. I really enjoyed them. They fun, unique, and awesome.

Things we're supposed to end after season 2, but fans demanded that the show to still air so they decided to make another season of Ninjago...That's when things take a turn for the worst...

My initial thoughts on Season 3

Yeah Season 3 is the motherload of problems that Ninjago will have in the later seasons. (Its also the reason why Jaya is no longer a popular ship...But I still ship it dammit! No matter what the show says, this ship is still canon!).

Then we have Season 4. 

Thoughts on the first half.

Yeah the first half of Season 4 seem pretty promising. After a crappy previous season I thought this will be redeeming. I mean come on! We have season that's basically Mortal Kombat references. How awesome is that?! But then...that changed when the other half of the season took place.

My thoughts on the second half of Season 4.

Oh boy...Don't get me started on the last half of Season 4. Long story short, it ruined the shows chance for redemption.

Then we have Season 5...Which is...just watch the clip

Sorry if the clip seemed a bit...odd... but the point is that this is the most forgettable season. Yeah we have ghosts, Ronin, and Nya becoming a water master, but that's it. Everything else was, like the clip said, BORING!

And now we have Season 6. Only a few episodes have been released but I know what I think.

Yeah...Season 6 is gonna be very irritating I can already tell. Why? Because its using one of my most hated tv trope.

(Oh! And Spoilers! By the way...if anyone actually cares...)

Ninjas, including Nya, get framed for a crimes they didn't do. And aside from Wu, Misako, and maybe Dareth, no one gives them the benefit of the doubt or tries to prove them innocent. We don't even see them getting a trail for crying out loud!

(End of Spoilers!)

So yeah. To summarize my thoughts: Ninjago you started out great, but you should've ended while you had the chance. You either die a good classic, or you live yourself long enough to become the LEGO equivalent of Modern, Post-Movie 1, and Pre-Movie 2, Spongebob.

But...If you guys still enjoy this show despite what it become, then by all means enjoy it all you want. I'm not encouraging you to hate it. Like it as much as you do. I'm just pointing out that I don't think Ninjago is as good as it once was...3 times I gave this show another chance, but each of those times it always blew in my face. I'm not sure if I could even give this show a 4th chance. With the path this show is going on...I don't think I could ever enjoy the show as I use to. 

*Takes a deep breath* I'm sorry if there are some of you who probably don't share my views on post season 2 Ninjago. But I really needed to get this off my chest. I've been holding my feelings on it for too long already. Please try to understand.
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